Social Research

We have a strong background in social research, and the capacity to undertake large and small research projects: 


  • Assist in refining the research question
  • Employ appropriate quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies to collect, collate and analyse data. This triangulated methodology (reliability and validity) provides both an understanding and explanation of specific social phenomena/social issues.
  • We use fit for purpose approaches to gather the data including the development of  :
    • On line surveys
    • Open-ended and closed questionnaires
    • Observation and participant observation
    • Open and closed interviews
    • ‘Yarning’ circles
    • Validated empirical instruments such as scales
    • Content analysis
  • Use a range of ‘fit for purpose’ techniques and equipment for analysing data ranging (e.g. web surveys, cloud tagging and key word/theme analysis, statistical analysis, use of tablets for collecting data in the field).
  • Write comprehensive and clear reports where both the processes used and the outcomes of the research can be readily understood by readers no matter what their research experience or background.

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