Implementation of New Service Models

We have extensive experience working with organisations that require new service models either because they wish achieve better outcomes – and have made this decision independent of any other party such as a funding body – or because government/the funding body has introduced reform processes which mandate that  they develop new models of service delivery.

Every organisation is different in some way, however the principles involved in successfully implementing new service models are not.


  • Review past strategic and operational plans and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current service in terms of expected and achieved  outcomes 
  • Develop a new service plan – taking into account the impacts of the new service model, not only for clients but for the organisation’s structure, operations, governance, financial sustainability, culture, partners and/or other key stakeholders
  • Develop a transition plan to support and manage the move to the new service model
  • Develop – and support the implementation – of a change management process
  • Identify risks and develop a risk management strategy
  • Support management to undertake ongoing reviews of all key operational areas including; the budget, policies and procedures, position descriptions, capacity building requirements such as training and development (for the board as well as management and staff), agreements with partners
  • Review staff capacity in the context of the new service model and identify any changes required

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