Quality Assurance

With a qualified Team we offer a range of services to support our clients align their Strategic and Operational Planning and Monitoring with the service standards of relevant industry or sectoral quality assurance (QA) frameworks. Regulatory bodies and funders often require alignment with quality standards and we are able to support clients understand their existing capacity within a quality paradigm.


  • Map existing capability against required standards
  • Develop Quality Management Plans aligned to strategic objectives and other business imperatives that embed the Approach/Deploy/Review/Improve (ADRI) cycle
  • Conduct organisational assessments with an emphasis on guided self-assessments
  • Provide training and tools in QA for Boards, management and staff
  • Deliver an integrated approach to QA to build an effective ‘quality’ culture
  • Devise fit for purpose QA goals and objective aligned to outcomes of QA Health Checks
  • Build and develop continuous improvement techniques in teams

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