Annual Operational/business planning

The Annual Business/Operational plan is linked to, and reflects the key priorities in the organisation’s Strategic Plan. In developing an effective and achievable Annual Operational Plan the common risk is attempting to achieve too much- especially in the first year – rather than identifying priorities and thinking strategically about what needs to be and can be achieved in that first year.


  • Conduct staff planning workshop to discuss and confirm priorities and realistic desired achievements for the first year of the Strategic plan – including:
    • outcomes and indicators
    • outputs and indicators
    • activities
    • resources
    • responsibility
    • timeline

We commonly use a Logic Model for the development of the Annual Operational Plan. We also explain how the Logic Model can also be used to monitor and measure progress and to identify early where planned and desired outcomes are not being achieved – so the necessary changes can be made.

We provide implementation support if required.

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