Funder/philanthropic support services

Funding bodies are faced with complex choices and challenges when seeking the best possible outcomes for their grant allocations. The situation is compounded when organisations are delivering social or ‘soft’ outcomes. To optimise returns, and know that their support is achieving the desired effects, funders need to be able to minimize their risk, obtain clear documentation of results, and secure independent measurement of impact.

We have developed a resource with specific steps to provide funders with the information they require to make the best funding decisions.  The client can select any or all of the steps below depending on the information the already have or require.


Work with the individual funder or funding body to:

  • Review funding proposals (if required)
  • Draft a short list of candidates (if required)
  • Undertake due diligence and provide a results and recommendations report 
  • Co design, with the funder and the grant recipient, a document specifying the expected outcomes and how and when/how often they will be measured and or reported to the funder
  • A review, at a time to be determined, to ensure the grant recipient remains on track re process and results 
  • Provision of remedial support for the grant recipient (if required)
  • Evaluation of the final results of the project 
  • Report to the funder 

Many community organisations are unfamiliar with private/philanthropic funding processes. We also work with such organisations to assist them to understand how to build a positive relationship with the funder/funding body and how to best meet the funder’s expectations.

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