Policy Development, Analysis and Review

Policy development, review and implementation should be part of an ongoing process in any organisation as policies may change for many reasons such as shifts in the political, social, economic etc. environment, in response to new research or knowledge or an organisation’s growth and expansion. 

Policies should be accessible to, and clearly understood by, all employees and volunteers if they are to be adhered to. 


Assist organisations and agencies with the development of new policies, and/or the analysis and review of the effectiveness and outcomes of current policies. Processes we undertake include:

  • Identification of the target group(s)
  • Clarification of the purpose and desired outcomes of the policy 
  • Stakeholder consultation and research to gather feedback from key stakeholders/target groups on the purpose of the policy draft
  • Analysis of consultation and research
  • Policy redraft
  • Review processes
  • Confirmation of final policy 
  • Develop strategies for policy implementation 
  • Review, including measurement of policy outcomes

We also review or write Policy and Procedure Manuals

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