Cultural Change

We know culture change can be challenging, however our experience matches that of management ‘guru’ Peter Drucker who once stated that in his view ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast.’ By this is meant that while good strategy remains critically important to the achievement of any organisation’s goals and expectations, the implementation of a strategy or plan will not achieve those goals and desired expectations if there is no organisation-wide passion or common commitment to the achievement of those goals expectations.

Building an inclusive, positive, and learning focussed culture requires –  as a minimum- leadership that builds a commitment to the organisation’s vision, purpose and values, high levels of staff engagement and trust, transparent and consistent communication.


  • Confirm current issues through consultation with leadership and staff at all levels of the organisation
  • Consult with CEO and leadership team on the (anonymous) issues raised through the consultation process
  • Use the feedback to draft the cultural change plan  
  • Facilitate organisation-wide workshops to:
    • Feedback the issues raised anonymously during the consultation 
    • Explain how the change plan will address those issues 
  • Work with CEO and leadership team to implement the change plan over an appropriate time period
  • Provide ongoing implementation support for the change process including feedback on achievements and challenges
  • Modify the plan  – if required – to address residual challenges

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