Strategic Planning


  • Work with the Board and GM/senior Management to confirm or develop:
    • all areas that need to be included in the scope
    • expectations for the Strategic Plan
    • current and/or emerging issues
    • key questions for stakeholder consultation
  • Undertake a comprehensive on line/telephone/face to face) stakeholder consultation process (e.g. clients/partners/funders as well as board and staff – including a swat). Anonymity is maintained to ensure maximum stakeholder response
  • Provide themed anonymous consultation responses to Board and to employees prior to planning workshop
  • Facilitate planning workshop to:
    • Discuss issues and ideas emerging from stakeholders consulted including
    • Confirm or review Purpose and Vision
    • Set the primary high level organizational goal to be achieved in 3-5 years
    • Identify key focus areas e.g. governance, service delivery, partnerships, promotion, operations) etc.
    • Confirm high level 3-5 year objective for each focus area
  • Draft the Strategic Plan for final review

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